Hamptons Rentals

Frequently asked questios about Renting a House in The Hamptons include the following.

  1. How long is a seasonal rental?  Most homes in the Hampton's that are available for the summer vacation season rent from May 31 to The end of Labor Day weekend which is usually a few days into September but the actual date each year may vary.
  2. How much is typical security deposit on a short term summer rental in The Hamptons?  It is ten percent of the gross rent. However when a very short term is offerred, a landord may opt to increase the amount to a minmum amount that would be a reasonable amount to offset an losses.
  3. Who pays for the cleaning of the premises?  On hotel rentals it is included. On house rentals, a cleaning service fee is often added into the lease and billed to the tenant.
  4. My property is a great vacation place, and it didn't rent last season, what can I do to get more assistance from my broker?   Keep the house ready to show at a moments notice, make sure there are some good pictures of the house to show people that may be inquiring by email. Price the house competitively for the amenities it has, it's size and it's location in terms of  demand. Call your broker at least once a week and ask for an update. Consider having an open listing and inviting more than one broker to preview the house.